Galactic Society is intended to be an organization of all who wish to contribute to building a better Galactic Society. Particularly one with Gaia as a participating member on all levels of Galactic activity. In the Sub-menu below this page we have a variety of ways for visitors to engage one another through this website and directly as they feel meets their needs.

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Star System Pages gather all groups representing a particular Star System under a single heading. This is convenient for members of our community who have recently become aware of their heritage and wish to know about others experiences. The most common origins are:





An entire section of the website is dedicated to high-profile leaders in this work, many of whom you will already know and many others who will be new to you. The core team of Galactic Society came together because of the work of Cobra, but we are engaged with all who support the growth of humanity into a Galactic Society, one that seeks to live in peace and cooperation among the many Galactic Civilizations around us.   This is the website of Cobra, who is the spokesman for the Resistance Movement, a group from the Pleiades who have been tasked with being the lead to liberate Earth from a negative group that refuses to surrender and cease activity, even though the agreements they made to be here have expired.



Planetary Activation Organization




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