The Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program

The existence of two SSPs has depended upon the compartmentalization of knowledge common to the “black projects” operated by the combination of government agencies and their private corporate funders.

The MIC program owes its existence to the funding from the Globalist Cabal most commonly associated with the Rothschild family and their international banking syndicate. The Rothschild group was appointed by Cecil Rhodes in the 1880s to over see his fortune and its use toward the formation of a global one world government under the British Crown. The plan they have backed since that time featured three world wars and a fake alien invasion, a plan that they have only recently been forced to abandon due to Hillary Clinton’s failure to become President of the US and start World War Three.  The frack alien invasion has been in planning and development since the 1880s when the Rothschild groups began to seize Viamana technology from private developers in India.

Known as Project Bluebeam in the alternative press, it featured a series of low earth orbit space stations capable of managing a satellite fleet designed to project holographic images of cultural icons into the atmosphere and utilize “voice of God” broadcasts to those who could see the projections above them.  These images were supposed to be coordinated to the repelling of  anti-gravity craft entering the Earth’s atmosphere and attacking humanity.  The messages were to endorse a single “savior” who would be announced at that time.